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The Fraunhofer Institute of Integrated Systems and Device Technology (IISB) in Erlangen, Germany, is one of 56 research institutes of Fraunhofer. It conducts applied research and development as a partner for industry and public institutions. Founded in 1985, IISB is dedicated to semiconductor technology for micro- and nanoelectronics. IISB develops new processes and equipment for semiconductor processing in the whole front-end sector. This includes advanced processing steps for devices, test structures, analytical investigations, development and optimisation of manufacturing equipment and materials, as well as simulation of semiconductor processes and devices. Furthermore, IISB is a competence centre for crystal growth of semiconductors and optical materials. The spectrum of IISB is completed by wide activities in the field of power electronics and mechatronics.

With a staff of more than 130, research is carried out in close co-operation with industrial partners from large as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The equipment of the institute includes a vast variety of labs with all standard techniques of semiconductor processing, crystal growth and power electronics.

Moreover, 1500m² of high class clean room area is available, creating a unique environment for R&D at industrial standards. The strength of IISB is the wide scope and expertise of the institute, with the field of semiconductor devices, processes, and equipment being framed by the production of substrate materials on one side, and complete microelectronic systems on the other side. Besides experimental expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, extensive activities in simulation, process control, metrology, analysis, and characterisation ensure an all-round treatment of the research topics. The services of IISB include research and development, studies, technical consulting, services in measurement, testing and simulation, limited-lot production, project accomplishment, and initialisation of co-operation. The IISB contributed to various European research projects. The most important European projects to be mentioned with the scope on equipment and process technology were/are Fab2000, HECTOR, FECLAM, NANOCMOS, FLYING WAFER, SEA-NET, PULLNANO, and ANNA.