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STMicroelectronics is one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies with net revenues of US$10.0 billion in 2007. According to the latest industry data, ST is the world’s fifth largest semiconductor company


Product Portfolio

ST aims to be the leader in multimedia convergence applications and power solutions, offering one of the world’s broadest product portfolios, including application-specific products containing a large proprietary IP content and multi-segment products that range from discrete devices to high-performance microcontrollers, secure smart card chips and MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) devices.
ST pioneered and continues to refine the use of platform-based design methodologies for complex ICs in demanding applications such as mobile multimedia, set-top boxes and computer peripherals.

Research & Development and Manufacturing

Since its creation, ST has maintained an unwavering commitment to R&D and is one of the industry’s most innovative companies. ST’s process technology portfolio includes advanced CMOS logic (including embedded memory variants), mixed-signal, analog and power processes. In advanced CMOS, ST is to partner with the IBM consortium for the development of next-generation process technologies, including 32nm and 22nm CMOS process development, design enablement and advanced research adapted to the manufacturing of 300mm silicon wafers. ST and IBM will also cooperate at ST’s Crolles 300mm facility in the development of value-added CMOS derivative SoC technologies.
ST has a worldwide network of front-end (wafer fabrication) and back-end (assembly, packaging and test) plants.  ST’s principal wafer fabs are presently located in Agrate Brianza and Catania (Italy), Crolles, Rousset and Tours (France), Phoenix and Carrollton (USA) and Singapore.
The wafer fabs are complemented by highly efficient assembly and test facilities located in China, Malaysia, Malta, Morocco and Singapore.


ST has developed a worldwide network of strategic alliances, including product development with key customers, technology development with customers and other semiconductor manufacturers, and equipment- and CAD-development alliances with major suppliers. These industrial partnerships are complemented by a wide range of research programs conducted with leading universities and research institutes around the world, in addition to playing a key role in Europe’s advanced technology research programs such as MEDEA+ and industry initiatives such as ENIAC (European Nanoelectronics Initiative Advisory Council).


3 entities of ST are involved in the IMPROVE project:

1/ STMicroelectronics (Crolles2) SAS

ST-F has a extensive experience in Statistical Process Control and Fault Detection and Classification. This experience is both in system deployment and in the development of innovative solutions. These developments have been often done in partnership in the context of National or Medea+ projects. ST is regularly publishing in the APC Conference and is leader of the Medea+ Hymne project targeting the industrialization of the sub-65nm technologies.


2/ STMicroelectronics (Rousset) SAS

ST Rousset site has played a strategic role within the STMicroelectronics group for more than 29 years now. With 350,000 8" wafers (around 2 billion chips) produced per year in 0.35µm to 90nm technologies (Logics, Embedded, Imager, Logic-analogic), ST Rousset site represents an important production center for microcontrollers, Smartcard ICs, logic Ics, EEPROM and Flash memories. 8" and 12" wafer production test (Electrical Wafer Sort) for France is based in Rousset, with a maximum test capacity of 12,000 8" equivalent wafers per week. Several Groups and Divisions are also located on ST Rousset site, such as the Memory, Microcontrollers and Smartcards ICs Group, the Automotive Product Group, and the Imaging Division.
ST Rousset spends around 120 million euros in annual R&D and is part of several industrial and public partnerships.


3/ STMicroelectronics (Italy) S.r.i.

With a revenue on 2007 of 1419.1 Million of euro, 8230 employees divided in the sites of Agrate Brianza (Milan), Castelletto (Milan),Arzano (Naples) and Lecce, ST Italy is the biggest Italian microelectronics provider with the largest portfolio.
R&D and Manufacturing activities are mainly done on the sites of Agrate Brianza, Castelletto and Catania.
R&D activities can benefit of a primary Italian academic network and European research Institutes; just on 2007 ST Italy deposited 187 patents (38% of whole ST)
Manufacturing activities instead are mainly focused on mixed technology, MEMS, non volatile memories, FLASH memories, R.F. components, power MOS and high power.




François Finck is an engineer in semi-conductor physics from the Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble. He is leading many R&D collaborative projects especially in the domain of manufacturing sciences. He has an experience of more than 25 years in Device Engineering, Yield Management and Statistical Data analysis.

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