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CEA-LETI is the Laboratory of Electronics and Information Technology of CEA – the French Atomic Energy Agency. LETI was created in 1967 in Grenoble and is one of the leading research institutes in Europe Its mission is to develop innovative solutions which leads to industrial transfers or start-up creation and, meanwhile to explore prospective fields in collaboration with academia. LETI’s activities cover Silicon technology, microsystem technology, optical components, multimedia, transmission and telecommunication systems, design, and micro technologies for health and biology. The driving programs of LETI are linked with Minatec – the innovation centre in micro- and nano- technologies - and with Nanotec300 - the 300mm infrastructure to take up the challenge of micro- and nano- electronics. In 2007, Leti’s staff reached 1000, plus about 600 people coming from industrial partners and academic research; the budget is around 210 MEuros, including 150 MEuros of external resources, with 45M€ capex.