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  • Lexas Research was set up in 2006, and is based in Dublin, Ireland.  Lexas Research is an innovative provider of metrology solutions to the semi-conductor industry. In the period since 2006 Lexas Research has developed unique, patented, Phitell™ sensor technology platform for the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

  • Phitell™ sensor technology is tuned to be selectively sensitive to changes in surface chemistry, gaining unique process insights through the capture and analysis of the Modulated Light emitted by the plasma. Phitell™ sensors monitor the ‘Wafer Surface State’. We call this technique Optical Emission Radio Spectroscopy (OERS).

  • The Phitell™ OERS technology enables:

  • Fault Detection,

  • extremely Low Open Area Endpoint Detection,

  • Material Etch and Deposition Rates,

  • Chamber matching 

  • Lexas Research has a formal Governance Model With National Centre for Plasma Science & Technology (NCPST) & Research Institute for Networks and Communication Engineering (RINCE) at Dublin City University
  • The technical development of Phitell™ Endpoint Detection platform for plasma etch completed in 18 months, followed by the deployment of the sensor products end user Fabs in 2007. 
  • In addition to the Phitell™ sensors Lexas Research has developed a unique non destructive sub-surface wafer defect detection system based on photo-acoustic techniques.
  • The Phitell™ Technology platform is scalable and has excellent fit with emerging Solar/Optical Media and Medical Microsystem manufacturing markets