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Lam Research Corporation is a leading supplier of wafer fabrication equipment and services to the world's semiconductor industry. In particular, Lam is a technology and market leader in etch products. The Company also offers next-generation wafer cleaning that can be used throughout the manufacturing process. Many of the technical advances that the Company introduces in its newest products are also available as upgrades to Lam's installed base of equipment, a benefit that can provide customers with a cost-effective strategy for extending the performance and capabilities of their existing wafer fabrication lines.

Founded in 1980, Lam is headquartered in Fremont, California, and maintains a network of facilities throughout the United States, Japan, Europe, and Asia in order to meet the needs of its global customer base.

Lam Research s.r.l. founded on 1993 as a Lam Research corporation representative for Equipment commercialization, installation and warranty. Lam Research s.r.l has 28 employees in the Italian territory.