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17 March 2010 12:14 Age: 9 yrs

WP3 scheduled its first plenary technical workshop in Rome

17th to 19th March 2010, Universo hotel

The first WP3 plenary technical workshop is scheduled for 17th to 19th of March 2010 at the conference center of the Universo hotel in Rome.
The meeting is hosted by the Italian member of the consortium Techno Fittings S.r.l. and will focus on discussion and alignment of the current and upcoming technical work within the areas of investgation regarding data acquisition, multivariate model assessment and equipment health factor modelling in the challenging context of “Predictive Equipment Behaviour”.
Topics like review and planning of consolidated deliverables processing within WP3 as well as coordination of technical input from respectively output to other work packages of IMPROVE will also be covered by the agenda of the meeting.