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The overall objective of WP1 is to provide the IMPROVE partners with generic specifications and general architectures to avoid the implementation of singular solutions or solutions that are not re-usable. In the end, WP1 will elaborate and provide guidelines for the implementation of the solutions that will be developed in IMPROVE.

WP1 activities provide the basis for the following IMPROVE topics:

  • Virtual Metrology (VM), see also WP2,

  • Predictive Maintenance (PM), see also WP3

  • Adaptive Control Planing (ACP), see also WP4

  • Sensor networks, to develop generic specifications for a standard compliant sensor network

  • Fab-wide-framework, to propose architectures for data and information flows in order to allow the general implementation of VM, PM and ACP.

  • Return on Invest, to implement cost considerations for VM and PM.

WP1 follows a 3-step-approach:

1 In a first step, the current status and requirements of the IC makers gathered in IMPROVE are collected for each of these topics. Similar requirements can be consolidated to achieve maximum synergies The results of these surveys are then refined and made available to the IMPROVE partners to foster a joint development of solutions.

2 In a second step, WP1 elaborates generic specifications and general architectures for virtual metrology, predictive maintenance, adaptive control planning and sensor networks, put together in a coherent view of a fab-wide framework. In an ongoing collaboration effort with the other work-packages, the specifications and architectures are being further refined.

3 Finally, WP1 develops guidelines for the actual implementation of the IMPROVE solutions, such as VM, PM and ACP. The guidelines will cover aspects like: expected benefits, requirements, steps towards implementation, testing and cost considerations.

To achieve its objectives, this work package comprises several sub-task which have strong links to the other work packages, where the actual solutions are developed.