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The overall objective of WP 6 is to relay the needs and specifications for future equipment gained in the IMPROVE project to equipment companies. As a mid-term effect, it is expected that this will lead to enhanced or novel equipment that better suits the needs and requirements of the IDMs and IC manufacturers gathered in IMPROVE. In addition, the creation of new contacts and collaborations between the IC manufacturers and the equipment suppliers is targeted to support other parallel projects or follow-up activities. This will be done by launching an “Equipment Forum”, which represents the interface between the IMPROVE project/partners and other companies. In this Equipment Forum, WP 6 will establish vivid links to equipment suppliers not participating in the project and to other R&D projects with focus in the development and/or assessment of novel equipment for semiconductor manufacturing. Where applicable, additional IDMs, which are not IMPROVE partners, will be invited to join the Equipment Forum to supplement the expression of requirements by the European user’s community. The Equipment Forum will serve as a communication and networking platform to discuss project results and future needs as well as to exchange data, information and equipment specifications between the participants.

The specific objectives of WP 6 are as follows:

  • To setup and manage an equipment forum for effective collaboration with equipment related projects and companies.
  • To collect detailed equipment specifications and equipment quality requirements from IDMs/IC manufacturers.
  • To complement the data collected in IMPROVE with input from ITRS, standards and cross-checking results from different equipment vendors.
  • Finally, to setup a database for equipment specifications and equipment quality requirements. These requirements will help equipment companies to learn at an early stage about latest developments in the R&D topics of the IMPROVE project. The database will also serve as pool of metrics for equipment evaluation and assessment.